Kosibah Bridal Couture

Award winning, bespoke wedding dresses and wedding accessories for brides in search of glamorous elegance. All bridal gowns and hats are handmade to order in London design studio of Kosibah.

Kosibah Bridal Couture - Bespoke bridal dresses, wedding accessories – West London

Kosibah Bridal Couture


Kosibah Creations

Studio 7
44 St Paul’s Crescent
London NW1 9TN

Kosibah is an artistic creator of couture bridal designs, he creates bespoke bridal dresses that epitomise glamour and elegance to create the perfect wedding gown for today’s bride. Kosibah bridal gowns are bespoke and handmade using the finest materials to an exacting standard. 
The wedding dresses: Kosibah designs are sensuous and elegant. Founder Yemi Osunkoya skilfully uses his signature draping and cutting skills as well as his personal touch to produce beautiful bespoke dresses for each bride individually. He is a master of draping and corsetry - which explains why Kosibah brides always look fantastic. Kosibah offer today’s bride a unique combination of sophisticated elegance and sensuality. 

Bridal hats, headpieces and wedding accessories: Bridal accessories, including hats and headpieces and wedding shoes, can also be arranged upon request. 

The Service: The service is bespoke. Each bride receives a full couture service. All sessions are with the designer to ensure each dress is cut in the most flattering way possible and fits perfectly. The bride will have as many toile fittings as necessary to ensure absolute perfection.

Opening hours
By appointment only

Kosibah Bridal Couture - Bespoke bridal dresses – London
Bespoke wedding dresses


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