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VALENTINES DAY Friday 14th February 2014

This year Valentine's Day is a full moon - Where to shop for exquisite flowers for St Valentine's day, designer London florists, buy online from their e-commerce sites, worldwide deliveries...

Clifton Nurseries - florist - Valentine's Day flowers, Maida Vale florist, London W9, UK

Phillo Flowers - exquisite roses & orchids for Valentine's Day, Notting Hill florist, London

Rebel Rebel Florists - innovative and exciting Valentine's Day flowers, Broadway Market, Hackney, East London, UK

Clifton Nurseries - florist

Clifton Nurseries

5a Clifton Villas
Little Venice
London W9 2PH

Clifton florist, Maida Vale, London W9
Clifton florist - Maida Vale

On Valentine’s day, when thoughts turn to love and romance, what better way to woo the object of your heart’s desire than to order an exquisite bouquet of fresh blooms from Clifton Nurseries of Maida Vale, London?
The expert stylist team choose glorious floral combinations and are able to make up bespoke bouquets to suit particular requests.
Clifton Nurseries also offer a professional floral home decorating service and are able to provide stylists to create flowers for private parties, hotel foyers, dining rooms, meeting rooms, corporate events and special occasions. A delivery service is available throughout the central London area.

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Romantic roses for your Valentine, Clifton florist, London UK
Romantic roses for your Valentine

Phillo Flowers

Phillo Flowers

59 Chepstow Road
Notting Hill
London W2 5BP


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Valentines roses to buy online, London delivery

Phillo - specialist florist Notting Hill, West London
Phillo - specialist florist

Roses and Orchids for St Valentine's Day - Notting Hill, London W2 If you're looking for something outstanding this Valentine's Day then Phillo Flowers may be the answer. Incredible roses in the most divine colours are hand selected by the owners from around the world and the stem length of these roses spells extravagance and glamour. Choose from single concentrated colours or a mood selection of the duskiest pinks and creams.
Phillo's orchid selection is exquisite, all are selected from the famous Ivens Orchid nursery and are chosen for their quality and beauty. An exotic and unusual gift for your Valentine which will last long afterward.
Attention to detail, good value and an understanding of their clients’ requirements are the key factors to Phillo's success. Deliveries are provided throughout London and at no charge in the W2, W10 and W11 areas.

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Ivens Orchids available from Phillo Flowers, Notting Hill, London
Ivens orchids for Valentine's Day
Valentines roses, romantic flowers, London UK
Valentine's Hat box of roses

Rebel Rebel Florists

Rebel Rebel

64-66 Brooksby
London E9 6DA

Sassy and bold or hopelessly romantic? Florists to Agent Provocateur, Rebel Rebel know a thing or two about what a girl wants and it certainly isn't balloons and teddy bears!! So whether she's an uncomplicated soul or as tricky as they come, Rebel Rebel can help you figure out the perfect Valentine's offering.

"Roses are gorgeous but a bouquet of budding magnolia, black tulips and love lies bleeding says romance with a touch of danger and shows that you really know her" says Rebel Rebel's Gus Cavanagh, "or give me a call and I'll think about it for you!"

Flowers from Rebel Rebel. She is the Woman. They are the Florists.

Hand-tied bouquets from £40
Flower-filled handbags from £80

Rebel Rebel delivers anywhere in London. Call 020 7254 4487 for personal advice and orders.

Our Signature Vintage handbags with tulips, stocks and jasmine
Innovative flowers this Valentine's Day
Valentine's flowers for women, London florist, UK
Valentine's roses in a handbag

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