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Walking on Wood are underfloor heating specialists, providing advice, design, installation, guarantee and maintenance of high quality water-based and electrical underfloor heating solutions with integrated Wood Top Layer; including Jupiter Heating Systems Solutions - IDEAL and IDEAL ECO.

Walking on Wood - Underfloor heating and hardwood flooring specialists, Notting Hill, London W11 1EP

Walking on Wood, Notting Hill, London W11, provide a specialist integrated underfloor heating and flooring service to ensure maximum efficiency with bespoke design specifications.

Underfloor heating dates back at least two thousand years. The original underfloor heating systems included underground chambers with fires or furnaces supplying streams of hot air through internal ducts to heat the surfaces of the floors and walls. The idea has continued and developed through the centuries, resulting in the modern systems of underfloor heating using water-based or electrical systems.

Ideal for use in contemporary architectural and interior design – underfloor heating has the advantage of being completely hidden - with no need for heating equipment to be integrated into the design of the interior space.

For both domestic and public spaces – the concealment of awkward, sharp, boilers, radiators and plumbing creates a favourably safe, uncluttered and spacious environment.
Walking on Wood are also specialists in parquet flooring

Underfloor Heating Specialists, Walking on Wood, London W11 1EP, UK
bespoke underfloor heating
Underfloor Heating Systems, Walking on Wood, London W11 1EP, UK
contemporary underfloor heating

Walking on Wood

Walking on Wood

232 Westbourne Park Road
Notting Hill
London W11 1EP

Walking on Wood specialise in engineered hardwood floors with underfloor heating systems and provide a bespoke supply, fit and guarantee service.
Choose from a number of different types of underfloor heating systems available and Walking on Wood will advise on the appropriate flooring solution to match your choice.

Water-based Underfloor heating gives and even heat distribution and is extremely cost efficient to run. Thermostatically controlled – the water-based system uses a boiler (or other heat source) to heat water which is then pumped and distributed through circuits throughout the building – circulating heated water under the floor and returning it to the heat source for re-heating.
Walking on Wood offer three types of Water-based Underfloor heating systems. The choice of system and respective flooring option will depend on the client’s requirements.

In addition, Walking on Wood are able to install Electrical Underfloor heating which uses a thin mat with conductor cables on the existing sub-floor with Wood Top Layer.

Contact Walking on Wood for all your Underfloor Heating enquiries.

Underfloor Heating Specialists, London W11 1EP, UK
Walking on Wood, London
Underfloor Heating, Water-based systems, London, UK
ply with Wood Top Layer
Underfloor Heating, Water-based systems, Notting Hill, UK
mosaic with Wood Top Layer

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