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Australian tree ferns for sale at Paramount Plants. They stock UK hardy Dicksonia Antarctica - huge mature specimen tree ferns up to 3 metres high...

Paramount Garden Centre - tree fern specialist nursery, London UK

From their ancient and exotic origins in Austral-Asia, tree ferns add a true element of mystique to Northern European gardens.
From their ancient and exotic origins in Austral-Asia, tree ferns add a true element of mystique to Northern European gardens.

Ferns are amongst some of the oldest plant species in the world, this ancient genus has developed over 12,000 different varieties worldwide and although they are mostly found in tropical rainforests, enjoying moist, shady positions there are also those varieties that have evolved to cope with the cold and some will tolerate full sun.

Ferns mainly grow and spread out at ground level well beneath the canopy of the forest, this is the reason for their large graceful leaves which have developed to help the plants deal with growing in a lower light situation.

Tree ferns were growing at around the time of the dinosaurs and their beautiful shapes and elegant foliage have stolen the hearts of many of today's gardeners and garden designers. Truly a statement plant - they really create an architectural impact and a certain talking point.

Natively, Tree Ferns are found in rain forests in many areas of the world but the best known varieties are the hardy Dicksonia Antarctica found in Australia down to Tasmania - often called the Australian Tree Fern. Cyathea Medullaris and the smaller Dicksonia Fibrosa both from New Zealand. These species are exported from these countries in small quantities and Cyathea Medullaris in particular is a rare tree fern and hard to find in the UK.

Tree Ferns rely on the moist atmosphere to help with their reproduction, they mainly reproduce from spores on the underside of their leaves - but some also produce pups, springing from the main plant. In the wild, tree ferns can be knocked over by rooting animals, feral pigs for example and they will often shoot upwards again from the fallen trunk. When growing tree ferns in UK gardens - the hardier varieties are the best choice. 

These specimen trees should not be allowed to dry out, particularly during the growing season and the crown of the fern (which is where all new growth will come from). The best way to water them is with a hose, thoroughly dousing the trunk - filling the crown of the fern with water should be avoided as this can cause the plant to rot. Despite being hardy tree ferns should be protected during cold winter spells either with straw or fleece around the crown and in particularly cold areas the trunk should be wrapped to insulate it against the cold. You may find that the fronds die off in the winter and new growth will develop from the crown in the Springtime.
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Australian Tree Ferns
Australian Tree Ferns
Tasmanian tree ferns for sale, London tree fern specialist nursery
Tasmanian Tree Ferns

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Paramount Plants is a specialist tree fern nursery with a magnificent collection of tree ferns from Australia and Tasmania and some rare tree fern varieties from New Zealand.

These are truly stunning specimen trees, available up up to 3 meters in height, inclusion of this size and quality of tree fern will give your garden a dramatic and 'instant' impact. These ferns are hardy and are generally not difficult trees to grow as - long as you stick to the rules and Paramount will fill you in with the finer details.

Staff at Paramount are extremely knowledgable and will give you help and advice on choosing the right tree fern for your soil and aspect and instructions on how to care for it. They are there to help!

Paramount specialises in hardy exotics, tropical plants and Mediterranean trees and plants. All trees and plants at Paramount Plants are availalbe to buy online. They delivery throughout the UK as well as to Ireland.  Gift vouchers and wedding list service are also available.

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9.00 - 16.00 Monday to Sunday (7 days per week) including Bank Holidays

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New Zealand Tree Fern, London Garden Centre, UK
Specimen Tree Ferns

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