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Stained Glass Restoration

Emma Blount is based in London, UK, and specialises in stained glass repair and the restoration and conservation of stained glass. She has extensive experience in the repair of stained glass panels in Victorian doors and stained glass windows in Edwardian front doors. She also handles conservation and restoration of antique glass panels and ecclesiastic stained glass windows.

Emma Blount, stained glass restoration - Bespoke restoration service - traditional and contemporary stained glass

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Emma Blount offers a comprehensive restoration, conservation and repair service for all forms of traditional and contemporary stained glass - from original medieval glass through to Victorian and Edwardian front door panels, art nouveau windows, art deco glass panels to modern art glass. She specialises in the repair of damage to leaded lights and all forms of decorative glass and her portfolio includes fine examples from the domestic, community and ecclesiastic sectors.

Stained glass is a method of creating decorative (illustrative or patterned) panels which can be used as a way of enhancing natural daylight or architectural lighting. A number of small fragmented shapes are set within a flat net-like structure or 'caming' (traditionally lead; but brass, copper and zinc may also be used). This network of glass and caming is placed in a wooden frame or panel and then installed as part of a building or interior.

Some form of restoration or repair is likely to be required about 80 to 100 years after a stained glass panel was made and installed. Stained glass conservation, restoration and repair work is carried out when there is obvious evidence of deterioration. The panel may appear to bow out or sink or there may be cracking on the surface of the lead or on the surface of the glass itself. Other effects of deterioration may be the loosening of the glass (causing rattling or leakage).

Stained glass conservation is undertaken on all forms of panelling from those found in relatively modern domestic situations (lead lights and art glass panels) through to the eleborate works making up historic interiors and stained glass pieces which decorate ancient ecclesiastic buildings.

Stained glass window restoration, Emma Blount
Restored rose window, Emma Blount
Emma Blount, stained glass restoration London
Detail centre piece, Emma Blount
Emma Blount, stained glass conservation, UK
Detail border piece, Emma Blount

Emma Blount, stained glass restoration

Emma Blount Stained Glass

Streatham Hill
London SW2

Emma Blount, stained glass restoration and conservation, London UK

The art of stained glass conservation and restoration is wide ranging and the practice requires tremendous knowledge and skill. A conservationist needs to develop a keen sense of history of design, an in-depth knowledge of glass chemistry and production and an understanding of the various techniques used in the creation of all forms of stained glass.

Emma undertook a ten month scholarship awarded by The Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass; taking up placements in some of Europe's leading glass studios and gaining invaluable experience and knowledge in the field of traditional and contemporary glass. Her portfolio includes stunning examples of professional restoration.
Please contact Emma for conservation and restoration enquiries.  

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Emma Blount, specialist in stained glass restoration of Victorian front doors, London UK
Stained glass restoration of Victorian front doors, Emma Blount

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