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Spitalfields Village Guide Spitalfields London E1 Home of the famous Old Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane, Petticoat Lane and the Old Truman Brewery. Read about the history of Spitalfields and visit our featured shops...

This collection of narrow streets to the East of the City of London is one of the most progressive and interesting areas for the creative arts including fashion, new media, music and visual art.

Well known in the 18th century as the centre for silk weaving, a considerable amount of early Georgian building still remains, as well as fine examples of Victorian industrial and residential architecture.

The white stone tower of the Hawksmoor church and the red brick stack of the Old Truman Brewery stand tall above the skyline. Recent arrivals - including antique, vintage and retro specialists - mix with the established bespoke retailers.

Spitalfields Old Market is open every day selling antiques, clothes and organic produce. Every Friday it provides an exciting arena for top and emerging fashion creatives to display new trends and ideas.

Vintage shopping in London
Vintage shopping in London

Spitalfields Shopping Map
Spitalfields Map Guide
Spitalfields Map Guide - click to view

Click to view our illustrated Spitalfields shopping map, featuring some of the artisan shops in this eclectic London village as well as nearby attractions and highlights.††

If†you are in the area on Sunday, it is well worth taking a trip to hearby Columbia Road...

Silk Weavers in Spitalfields
Silk Weavers in Spitalfields
Silk Weavers in Spitalfields

A great number of Huguenot silk weavers settled in the Spitalfields area at the end of the 17th century. Among the most noted manufacturer was James Leman (1688 - 1745). Leman worked as a designer as well as a manufacturer and employed other talented designers including Christopher Baudouin and Joseph Dandridge.

One of the most renowned textile designers of this period was Anna Maria Garthwaite (1690 - 1763). Originally from Grantham in Lincolnshire, Anna moved to London to work with the silk manufacturers in Spitalfields creating a superb collection of designs including Damasks, extraordinary examples of what was considered to be a woven naturalistic 'painting' style and (from 1752 onwards) designs developed using smaller decorative motifs. Most of her designs have survived and many are held in collections at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Old Spitalfields Market
Old Spitalfields Market, London E1

Established in 1682 during the reign of Charles II, the market quickly gained the reputation for selling fine meat, poultry and vegetables. The next century a saw a rise in population in the area due mainly to the success of the weaving trade and Spitalfields Market flourished. In 1848 Commercial Street was constructed and eight years later Robert Horner bought the market - funding a considerable amount of new building work. This modernisation was continued by the Corporation of London when they took over in 1920.
In 1991, the horticultural market trade was moved to New Spitalfields Market - Sherrin Road (off Ruckholt Road), Leyton, London E10 5SQ.
Recent architectural developments in the Spitalfields area include Crispin Place, Market Street and Bishops Square. Old Spitalfields Market itself, bordered by the Horner Buildings has just completed an extensive restoration programme and now bathes in its former and truly deserved glory!
In an era when independent shops and stalls are on the decrease, Spitalfields represents one of the London's last bastions of consumer diversity and individuality. Home to an old-fashioned community of over 30 independent and large traders and a plethora of chic bohemian businesses, it has secured its place at the forefront of interiors, design, food and the arts - a market that truly embraces the spirit of modern London, an entrepreneurial and cultural melting pot that is ever-changing and developing whilst not forgetting its historic past.
As Samuel Johnson so eloquently said of London: "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford." The same is very much true of Old Spitalfields Market.
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Old Spitalfields Market shops open 7 days a week Market traders operate Thursday, Friday and Sunday.
For Thursday & Friday stall pitches please contact Eric Graham on 020 7247 8556.

Old Truman Brewery
Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane

In 1666 Joseph Truman joined the already established Brewhouse in Brick Lane. Sir Benjamin Truman joined in 1722, quickly increasing trade and building the new Black Eagle Brewery - the largest in London at that time. In 1873, the company built a new Brewery in Burton-upon-Trent and the main production gradually moved away from the original London site. The next 100 years saw a take-over, a merger and eventual closure in 1988. Today the building complex forms a centre point for creative talent in the area providing office space for over 200 small businesses and design studios.

Other Nearby Markets
Fournier Street and Hawksmoor Church

Petticoat Lane
Known as Peticote Lane in the early 17th century, the street became the centre for the second hand clothes trade. In about 1830 it was renamed Middlesex Street but Londoners have continued to use the name 'Petticoat Lane.' It remains the venue for a thriving Sunday morning market with rows of stalls extending into many of the surrounding streets.

Brick Lane
A narrow street running south to north through the London postcodes of E1 and E2 - Brick Lane took its name from the 16th century brick kilns operating nearby. Today it is known for the numerous restaurants serving authentic Bangladeshi Cuisine in both formal and cafe style settings. The lively street market (including Sclater Street and Cheshire Street) is held every Sunday morning - popular with local residents and those wishing to capture the fantastic mix of contemporary and Dickensian London.

Columbia Road Market
Every Sunday morning, Columbia Road becomes a sea of colour as Londonís most vibrant flower market gets underway.

Useful General Market & Travel Information

Old Spitalfields Market Information -
Old Spitalfields Market shops open 7 days a week.
Market traders operate Thursday, Friday and Sunday
If you're interested in running a stall at the market - please contact Eric Graham on 020 7247 8556 (For Thursday & Friday stall pitches).

Brick Lane Market Information -
Sunday early morning - 14.00

Petticoat Lane Market Information -
Mon - Fri Wentworth Street
Sunday 9.00 - 14.00

Columbia Road Market Information -
Sunday 8.00 - 14.00

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