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Ponds - their design, installation and maintenance require expert knowledge and excellent products but the results provide hours of pleasure for friends and family, our Aquatics specialists stock an immense range of pond accessories, fish stocks and beautiful cold water pond plants to create a wonderful water feature in your garden

The Aquatic Warehouse - cold water pond specialists, pond liners and accessories, London, UK

Aquatics plants specialist, North London, UK
Aquatics plants specialist, North London, UK

Outdoor cold water garden ponds - design, installation, maintenance and stocking the pond with fish and aquatic plants   

A cold water pond creates an extremely attractive focal point for any garden. There are a variety of ways to construct a pond but perhaps one of the easiest is to use a pre-moulded glass fibre pond liner.

These are available in numerous shapes and sizes and can be dark green or dark grey in colour with stepped levels for planting. There are also many designs available that effectively imitate the appearance of rock, slate or cobbles and are shaped specifically to accommodate water features - emulating the motion of streams and waterfalls.  

Running water is desirable when creating a pond to house fish stock such as koi carp. When planning to install a fish pond, care must be taken to address the issue of cleansing and oxygenation of the pond water and it is advisable to seek professional advice.  

In addition to the traditional outdoor pond, many people are installing ‘natural, wildlife style’ ponds which can be set into even the smallest of gardens. These ponds are designed to create natural ‘marshland’ environments to attract various forms of water life usually found in marshy habitats. They are an excellent way to create an interesting yet low maintenance garden pond.

Fibre glass pond liners, aquatics specialists, London UK
Fibre glass pond liners
Pond filters and other accessories, The Aquatic Warehouse, Crews Hill, London UK
Pond pressure filter

The Aquatic Warehouse


The Aquatic Warehouse

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The Aquatic Warehouse of Crews Hill, North London, UK, is able to give expert advice to those wishing to purchase and install and maintain a cold water garden pond. They are able to create a bespoke solution for each customer and can usually source and install unusual or specialist items that might be required.

The warehouse setting is a delight to browse and will give visitors a comprehensive insight into exactly what is available - from pond liners, pumps and filters to exotic fish stocks, fish food and equipment. The Aquatic Warehouse also offers an enormous range of water plants and pond maintenance accessories and fabulous range of Koi Carp.

Additional services include regular pond maintenance by their experience team.

The Aquatic Warehouse stocks Oalwatergardens products (Oasis, Atlantis and Lotus) images of their products are featured on this page.

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Rock effect waterfall, pond liners and other accessories, aquatic warehouse, London UK
Rock effect waterfall

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