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Persian carpets and Shyrdak rugs

If you are looking for Persian carpets or Persian rugs, our featured shop SHIRDAK, based in Amsterdam, has a great selection. The specialist range includes Central Asian carpets, handmade felt rugs, Shyrdaks, Suzanies, Afghan carpets, Kyrgyzstan felt carpets, nomad rugs and textiles. Located at Prinsengracht 192, Amsterdam and also online!

Shirdak - original collection of traditional felt rugs, old & new from Central Asia, available also online

Colourful ethnic textiles
Colourful ethnic textiles
Central Asian Rugs
Central Asian Rugs
Shyrdak Carpets, Felt Blankets, Central Asian crafts, Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands, NL
Felt carpets and rugs

Shirdak presents you an original collection of traditional feltrugs, old and new from Central Asia. We also have a collection of traditional textiles from all over the world from the tribes Miao in China, Ewe and Kente from Ghana and beautiful pieces of embroidery from Uzbekistan,Yemen, India and Pakistan. Felt carpets from Kyrgyzstan, Suzanies and Ikat Coats.

A selection of our Shyrdak felt rugs and wall-hangings is available to buy online.

The felt carpets, traditionally called Shyrdaks are made by hand using pure wool felt in traditional, geometric patterns. The wool is dyed making vibrant colour combinations or used naturally giving subtle natural greys and beiges.

These nomadic tribes used the shyrdaks for warmth and as decoration for their 'moveable' houses. These were made for and treasured by each family for generations.These abstract, often striking designs fit perfectly with modern interiors, each unique example a work of art in itself.

The Prins Shirdak collection also includes Ikat Coats, these spectacular traditional garments were often worn in multiple layers.

An Ikat is a piece of cloth that has been woven from yarn - usually silk and cotton - that has been dyed prior to weaving, patterned by the complex Ikat resist technique characteristic of the areas now known as Uzbekistan and Tajkistan.

There is also a range of traditional textiles produced by the Chinese Miao minority, brightly coloured decorative textiles using exquisite silk embroidery, applique and brocade techniques, often combining geometric patterns with imagery from the landscape - abstracted forms of animals and flowers are often featured.

Shirdak sells both new and antique textiles and carpets, each piece has been personally selected and sourced by the owner of the gallery, Marianne Tuerlings - a frequent traveller to Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Nomad felt from Kyrtgyzstan
Nomad felt from Kyrtgyzstan
Rugs  from Central Asia, Amsterdam shop, Holland, The Netherlands, NL
Rugs from Central Asia at Shirdak



Prinsengracht 192
Amsterdam 1016 HC


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Shirdak is situated on the Prinsengracht, one of the most beautiful canals in the centre of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, just two minutes from the Westerkerk and the Dam Square.

They welcome visitors to the shop to see and touch the carpets and textiles, to buy or to be inspired. They also offer advice on ways of integrating the works of art in your western home interior.
You can also visit the online collecton - Shirdak Felt Carpets & Rug.

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Chinese Textiles, Shirdak, Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands, NL
Featuring Chinese embroidery

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