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Organic Bed Linen

The very best organic bed linens from the Natural Mat Company, Notting Hill, London, UK.

Natural Mat Company - specialists in organic cotton bed linen, organic mattresses and clothing

As more and more people are choosing the ‘eco-friendly’ option when it is available, buying organic cotton bed linen would seem the obvious choice to make. Sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers, throws, mattress protectors, towels and face cloths are all available in organic cotton.

The soft, natural fibre has a comfortable feel and is perfect for those with delicate or sensitive skin. Organic cotton is wonderful for all the family and particularly reassuring when used for bedding for children and babies.

Buying organic cotton supports sustainable farming methods. Organic farming aims to use green methods such as the ancient traditions of crop rotation as well as natural compost and manure production.

An organic farm will only use biological techniques to control crop pests maintaining an environment free from chemicals and pesticides. So buying organic cotton bed linen will make a considerable positive contribution to the eco environment.

Designs are stylish and contemporary and reflect the new ideas in global long term sustainability. It’s a simple choice for the consumer, but choosing organic cotton really will make a difference and provide a sound ‘natural’ night’s sleep for all the family.

Organic bedding by Natural Mat Company, London UK
Organic bedding
Organic bed linen, for children and babies, London UK
Organic bed linen for children

Natural Mat Company

Naturalmat Baby Boutique

99 Talbot Road
Notting Hill
London W11 2AT


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Organic cotton bedding from Natural Mat

Natural Mat Company specialistes in organic bed linen, mattresses and clothing for children and babies. Their range is extensive including duvet covers and pillow cases alongside handy combination packs of bed sheets and swaddling sheets for cribs, cots and children's beds.

Natural Mat products are the perfect present for mum to be and the new born, they operate a gift voucher service or you can buy online for worldwide delivery.

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Organic flannelette sheets by Natural Mat Company, Notting Hill, London UK
Organic cotton flannelette sheets

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