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Paramount Plants supply a wide range of sizes of specimen olive trees and topiary olive trees, also the heritage ancient olive tree which are unique specimens. Available in all sizes - wholesale enquiries welcome.

Paramount Plants & Gardens - Specialists in Mediterranean plants and olive trees in Crews Hill, North London

ancient olive trees for sale UK
A pair of ancient olive trees flank an elegant London doorway

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Paramount Plants & Gardens

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In many ways a symbol of the Mediterranean, the olive tree is reminiscent of hot sun, baked soil and delicious cuisine.

Ancient Greek mythology refers to a competition between the Goddess Athena and the God Poseidon to win the favour of the people of Attica (an area of ancient Greece). The gods on Mount Olympus declared Athena’s gift of an olive tree (the symbol of peace and life) better than Poseidon’s gift of a horse (a symbol of war) and so Athena became the patron of Attica and named the main city Athens. To this day, Athens is known as the city of the olive tree.

The olive tree, with its delicately pointed leaves and textured bark, provides an attractive focal point to any garden or patio setting; working well with both Mediterranean gardens and mixed style planting.

Paramount Plants & Gardens is a family owned nursery specialising in the supply of hardy specimen, Mediterranean-style plants, trees and shrubs. The nursery stocks an extensive selection of olive trees and provides a wide range of types and sizes; specific height trees can be sourced to match particular requirements. They also stock beautiful heritage up to 100 years old ancient olive trees  these exquisite trees on gnarled trunks have instant impact in your garden.

They are able to supply in quantity and welcome wholesale enquiries and requests from landscapers and garden designers as well as individual customers.

Please feel free to visit us and prepare to be amazed. We welcome all enquiries and are able to source specific plants to suit your requirements.

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9.00 - 16.00 Monday to Sunday (7 days per week) including Bank Holidays

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Topiary olive trees, North London nursery, Crews Hill, UK
Topiary olive trees
Olive trees specialists, Crews Hill, North London, UK
Olive trees specialists
Specimen ancient olive trees
Specimen Olive Trees

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