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Our selected London kitchen specialists have a great range of Laguiole products - gift presentation sets of carving knives and steak knives cheese sets and corkscrews - browse for more info...

Richard Dare - stocks a full range of Laguiole Knives in his shop in Primrose Hill, London, NW1 8UR

Summerill and Bishop - stockists of French Laguiole Knives - Clarendon Cross, Holland Park, London W11

Richard Dare

Richard Dare

93 Regents Park Road
Primrose Hill
London NW1 8UR

Laguiole carving set London stockist, NW1 8UR
Laguiole Knife Block

Laguiole Knives

...have become a design icon - made in the town of Laguiole, France, since 1829, these exceptional knives are world famous for their craftsmanship, elegance and uniqueness and make the perfect gift for someone special. 

The name Laguiole comes from the small village in the high plateau of south central France. These traditional knives were invented by combining the Capuchadou - a local fixed blade knife and the Navaja - a Spanish pocket knife, the 'Layol' was born. The knife was especially adapted to the needs of the local farmers.

This knife with it's unique shape fits perfectly into the palm of the hand.
These days Laguiole knives are treasured for their timeless quality and beauty. In an age where mass production is common, these exquisite handmade knives represent a culture of appreciation. The ultimate luxury gift for weddings or retirement, wooden boxed sets are available in a range of presentations - steak knives; carving sets and cheese sets. 
In the French countryside, in the area surrounding Laguiole, these knives have come to represent the history and character of the region.
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Richard Dare welcomes you to view his extensive collection at his shop in Primrose Hill. Alternatively, please phone him with your query.

Info on Specialist Kitchen Shop Richard Dare

Laguiole knives giftbox, London stockist
Laguiole - Knife Giftbox
Laguiole Gift Boxes, Steak Knives, London UK
Laguiole Gift boxes- Carving Knife Set and Cheese Knife Set

Summerill and Bishop

Summerill and Bishop

100 Portland Road
London W11 4LN

We source from around the world. We have a great range of French knives, including our Laguiole collection but also we also stock Opinel knives. Our range of Japanese titanium knives and Sushi knives are made to the highest standards. 

We stock a wide range of wooden boxed gift sets of Laguiole knives, including carving knives and steak knife sets.

Summerill and Bishop, Clarendon Cross, London W11, UK
Laguiole knives

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