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Korean fashion is in! Everybody wants it but good designer Korean fashion specialists can be hard to find. URi DURi Korean Fashion atelier is moving to a new location in Amsterdam. Details to follow!

Uri Duri is a Korean fashion boutique, specialising in Korean fashion designers clothes.

Uri Duri is relocating to a new address in Amsterdam - details to follow shortly. 

An-Su Kim, originally from South Korea, has extensive experience in the Seoul fashion and cosmetics industry and now introduces Korean fashion to Europe. In the Korean capital, Seoul, the fashion industry is booming and has a leading role in the Asian fashion scene. Korean design has an international allure.

An-Su Kim works very closely with her chosen Korean designers to create new collections, re-create existing styles and to introduce them to her customers in The Netherlands and indeed many loyal clients from all over Europe. The designs are unique and limited editions of clothes are available. The designs are best described as classic, charming, feminine and internationally modern. An-Su Kim travels regularly to Korea to source the very cutting edge designs to bring to Amsterdam. The stock is always changing so it's worth dropping by the shop to see what's new. Uri Duri has been featured in many fashion magazines, including Elle and Glossy.

View An-su Kim's recent Korean fashion show...  

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