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Our heuchera feature briefly profiles this special perennial plant as well as providing details of Enfield's Crews Hill - the haven for London gardeners in the know!

Heucheras are mainly native to North America where they can be found growing wild, clinging to slopes and cliffs and in woodland crevices from Canada in the north to Mexico in the south. Commonly known as Alum root or coral bells, Heucheras have become one of the most popular perennial plants in recent years, due for the most part to the efforts of specialist breeders developing hybrid varieties that sport abundant flowers and stunningly beautiful foliage. Heucheras have few pests and diseases and are remarkably easy to grow. They will thrive in a well drained soil in part shade/sunny positions. Their blooms are excellent for flower arrangements, providing a delicate contrast to other more substantial flowers. When grown for their flowers, they are best planted in groups where they provide a 'haze' of colour to the herbaceous or perennial border. They are also useful plants for the rock garden. Heucheras conveniently provide year round foliage (in all but the coldest climates) when other plants are no longer present.

Crews Hill is a haven for gardener's in North London - there is probably the greatest number of garden centres in one location in Europe - specialists in various kinds of plants and shrubs, here you can find heuchera and hardy perennial specialists.

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Heuchera - Black Beauty
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