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Specialist Glasswork are experts in architectural glass including the design, manufacture and installation of glass stairs. With an impressive portfolio of projects undertaken for architects, interior designers and private clients, Specialist Glasswork offer a bespoke service, creating complete glass staircases to enhance residential interiors, offices and workspaces.

Specialist Glasswork.com - Glass Stairs, custom-made using strengthened safety glass, textured and coloured glass, with expert deisgn, manufacture and installation service, London N16 0JL

Specialist Glasswork.com

Specialist Glasswork

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172 Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16 0JL


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Structural glass specialists, London N16 0JL

Specialist Glasswork are based in Stoke Newington, North London they are experts in structural glazing including the design, production and installation of glass stairs and balustrades. They have an extensive portfolio of impressive projects undertaken with architects, interior designers and private clients.

Architectural glass often forms an integral part of a modernist interior; Specialist Glasswork are able to design and produce glass staircases, glass landings and glass balustrades and enclosures, to exacting standards - using the transparency and reflective surface quality of glass to create an uplifting sense of light and space.

Their use of advanced techniques (including sandblasting and acid etching) to texturise the surface of the glass - adds design styling and also creates an effective non slip surface for stair treads and landings.

Using toughened safety glass (laminated/tempered), Specialist Glass Work are able to construct straight, curved or spiral stair flights with bespoke / curved glass ballustrades and partitions - creating stunning feature staircases.

They are experienced and extremely skilled in the area of architectural glass design, construction and installation work in contemporary new-build settings - using years of invaluable professional experience in this field to arrive at a solutions which are functional, technically advanced and creatively designed.

Glass stairs can also be included as part of the contemporary interior refurbishment of an existing conventionally constructed building. Specialist Glasswork.com are expert at integrating traditionally built interiors with modern structural glass stair ways. The finished product increases the available light and the sense of openess and provides a fascinating blend of old and new building techniques, structures and materials.

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Glass Stairs specialist, Greater London N16 0JL
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Architectural Glass by Specialist Glasswork.com, London N16 0JL
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