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Antique and Modern Fires is a gel fires specialist, also offering gel fire fireplaces and gel fire accessories. They also offer contemporary, traditional, antique and reproduction designs of fireplaces for use with Gel Fires. Antique and Modern Fires work wth Jean Barrie on contemporary hole in the wall fireplace designs. They are based in Crews Hill, Enfield, Middx, UK.

Antique and Modern Fires - an enormous selection of gel fires and gel fire accessories - Crews Hill, North London

Antique and Modern Fires

Antique & Modern Fires

Culver Garden Centre
Cattlegate Road
Crews Hill
Enfield EN2 9DW

Gel Fires, Can be placed inside any fireplace, Gel Fires Showroom, London UK
Gel Fires can be placed inside any fireplace - modern or antique

Antique and Modern Fires Crews Hill, North London, supply an enormous selection of gel fires and gel fire accessories, fireplaces and surrounds. The styling covers a full range from modern to taditional and antique (including reproduction).
In addition, the showroom displays a comprehensive collection of electric, gas and solid fuel fireplaces from leading manufacturers including Stovax, Dimplex, Kingsdale and Goppa. The selection of fire surrounds are expertly crafted from wood, stone, iron and marble.

Gel Fires:  Extremely popular is the range of indoor and outdoor fireplaces to be used in conjunction with new, non-toxic burning gel . These are a perfect addition to any garden, patio or conservatory area. The fire baskets and fire dogs are available in stone, steel, slate and granite.

Also, we are able to give advice if you wish to have a fire in a large, well-ventilated room that has no flue. We also offer advice on all fitting and safety requirements.

Stone and granite fire baskets can be made to measure and it is possible to convert some of the stone, slate and granite fire baskets for use with LP (bottled) Gas.

The steel frames and baskets are available in polished steel and satin black and are suitable for both solid fuel and gas. Antique and Modern Fires offer a comprehensive design, fitting and bespoke service for all their products.

Products can be shipped worldwide and visitors are welcome to browse the fantastic selection of fireplaces on show at the North London showroom.

FOR PATIO AND OUTDOOR USE - Gel Fire Kits, cost 135: Gel fires can be used without a chimney, a Gel Fire Kit includes -
I gallon of gel liquid(non toxic)
I brushed steel long arm electronic lighter
2 burning pots
2 restrictors
a snuffer
a choice of coal, pebble or driftwood.
Replacement gel costs 30 per gallon and you should get between 10 - 12 burns from a gallon container.

Contact us for details!

Gel Fires, Antique and Modern Fireplaces, Crews Hill, London, UK
Antique and Modern - enourmous range of gel fires and accessories
Hole in the Wall - Gel Fires, Gel Fires Showroom, London UK
Hole in the Wall Gel Fires
Hole in the wall gel fire - with pebbles
Stylish hole in the wall gel fire - with pebbles

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