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Endorsements for 21st Century Village
from our clients and our resource partners


My first experience with 21st Century Village was amazing! And 7 years later, I remain very enthusiastic. When people are searching online for the services I provide, they always find my business via the search engine results. My featured pages on the 21st Century Village network always come on top for a whole range of relevant keywords.
Marie Claire Rosenau, owner of Beauty & Nails Marie Claire, Amsterdam (subscribing since 2003)
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I can check how effective all our online adverts are on my web statistics page and without doubt 21stcenturyvillage has provided us with better results than most of the big name directories. Its users are more discerning and seem to appreciate what we are trying to do a lot better than mass market sites.
As if that was not enough Denise and team are friendly, helpful and very speedy in responding to any queries!
Angela Lloret, Florist, owner of Vive La Rose, London (subscribing for 6 years)
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I've found Denise from 21stcenturyvillage very helpful. As someone who very rarely advertises - the 21stcv site really appealed to me - as a direct consequence a significant amount of our business has come via the 21stcenturyvillage site.
The great advantage of the internet is that customers can email me images of their furniture upholstery projects which saves me time - i can give them a quote from the photograph. 21stcenturyvillage has really enhanced our internet presence.
Shay Kelly, Revival 20th Century Furniture and Upholstery, London (subscribing for 7 years)
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The response from our placement on 21stcenturyvillage has been phenomenal, people turn up at the nursery, or phone their orders through and book our bonsai courses - and all of them come via our pages on 21stcentury, we know because we ask them! It has made an incredible difference to our business and we've now commissioned them to create our new e-commerce site for us so that we can sell online.
Mario Nazaris , owner of Little Woods Bonsai, London (subscribing for 6 years)
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21st century village is one of our best referring websites!
Natasha of Natural Mat, London (subscribing for 6 years)
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Just a brief email to say how pleased I am with the amount of traffic your website is driving to my website.
Yemi Osunkoya, Kosibah Creations Couture Wedding Gowns
(subscribing for 4 years)
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  I must renew my compliments for the amazing position that the Connaught Village website has on the internet and how that did help to improve my business every year, thank you!
Katja of Beauty Rose (subscribing for
5 years)
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My Ideal Puppy has been using the services of 21st Century Village since 2006 and we have always found them to be an incredibly professional company. They are highly efficient and always respond to my emails and phone calls promptly.
I would highly recommend 21st Century Village to any company because, quite simply we have had a lot of business generated by being on their web pages.
Michelle Stevenson, Director, My Ideal Puppy (subscribing for 5 years)
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"An easily accessed and informative site and we have benefited from a large number of enquiries as a result. Initial contact is usually by e-mail but many feel it worthwhile to visit our showrooms when they realise the large range of products and technical knowledge we can offer"
Terrie Wood, Director Edwins Designer (subscribing for
8 years)

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"We're very happy to be on your website because we get so many visitors from you! :-) Kind regards, Jessica"
Jessica, Cybersalon, Amsterdam
(subscribing for 5 years)

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"Paramount Plants have formed a great working relationship with 21st Century Village over the last few years. Immediately we made our decision to place our advertisement with them we received an enquiry via the Crews Hill website which later formed a large order of plants for our business. We believe we would not have received such a high status enquiry as this through our previous advertising methods.
The fantastic visual that 21st Century Village designed for our advert has also been commented upon by several new customers visiting our nursery. We have been extremely impressed with the professionalism of 21st Century Village - Paramount Plants being a small family business it is often hard for us to concentrate on marketing but 21st Century have assisted us with our marketing strategies via the web and they have designed a new website for our business.
We feel extremely satisfied with them and are pleased that we have found in 21st Century Village a company that takes the initiative and time to fulfill its clients requirements to acheive maximum marketing potential"

Karen Mariconda, Director, Paramount Plants and Gardens (subscribing for 7 years)
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"I have been so so happy with the service that 21st Century Village have provided. You have generated a lot of interest and business for our salon, which was such a great help last year, as we had just opened the salon and needed all the help we could get, you guys have been so helpful and efficient, I will be recommending you to everyone who asks!!"
Samira Heydari, Director, Fé Hair and Beauty (subscribing for 7 years)
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"We love the visual look of the site - it's very easy on the eye and easy to use. Maida Vale and Little Venice has a very strong community but to those outside it can seem quite disparate. This shows that there's a real community here and helps introduce people to one of London's best kept secrets"
Marketing Manager, Clifton Nursery, Little Venice (subscribing for 7 years)
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"These are a few lines just to thank you and the 21stCenturyVillage team for your quick answering of all my questions and for helping me in such an effective way to give evidence, in every moment, to the highlights of my business. I did other advertising but without any doubt, 21stCenturyVillage is the one that helped me more - for my business to grow and to be visible on the web."
Katja Falinski, Beauty Rose@17, Beauty Clinic, Connaught Village, London (subscribing for 5 years)
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"Denise's prompt and personal service ensures that maintaining the site is a pleasant and painless
experience ! "
Marijke Bijkerk, Director, Lady Day, Amsterdam (subscribing for 7 years)
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"Compliments! I really appreciate that you do everything so Quickly, or the people that work with you. I have no idea how it works but it does..."
Yvette Riemersma, Shoe Designer and Director, Antonia by Yvette, Amsterdam
(subscribing for 6 years)

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"I've added a link to 21stcenturyvillage to our links page. Really like the site, very striking."
Mark Doerfel, Web Manager, Sadlers Wells Theatre
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"It was a great pleasure for us to discover your website. Full of information and fun too! I have added your site in our links directory."
Alix, Design Addict
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"I must say, it is a very dynamic, unique site and extremely nice to look through. I wouldn't be surprised if your site is showered with praise!!! Again - WELL DONE!!!"
Karin, Travel Insurance World
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"Since 21st Century Village is a very cool site ... I've added a screenshot of"
Christian Doeleman, Dansk Møbelkunst
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" compliments for your genius website! It really looks great. We have added your logo to our site. "
Jeroen Fortgens, Design Avenue
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" have been added to Waterways Directory in the Places of Interest Category. I must say that it may have gone on sooner had I not spent an enjoyable time browsing through your site and the links to the other 'villages' - a really good idea :) which works well. Useful for visitors & locals alike."
Lesley Richards, Waterways Directory
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