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Electrolysis Hair Removal in London

Electrolysis specialist salon in London - 171 is an experienced and professional salon offering a complete range of hair removal treatments

171 Hair and Beauty Salon - Electrolysis Hair Removal and Advanced Electrolysis Treatments, Islington, London N1 1RG

EXM Hair and Beauty Salon - Electrolysis Hair Removal, Advanced Electrolysis Skin Treatments, Islington, London EC1R 4QE

Electrolysis Hair Removal

This proven method of hair removal can be safely used for the entire body. The root of each hair is effectively destroyed by passing electricity through a thin wire placed on the hair follicle.

pain reduction
Electrolysis can be be a painful procedure, but the use of ‘Emlo’ (a pain relieving cream) can effectively reduce and even eliminate pain experienced during the treatments.

number of treatments
It is usually necessary for an area to be given several treatments before the removal can be considered permanent – one reason for this is that each hair grows at a different time and so needs to be removed during a different treatment.

salon treatment
Although there are home-kits available on the market – it is advisable to seek expert hair removal services. A salon has the equipment and expertise to remove unwanted hair in the safest and most effective way possible.

Electrolysis is safe for the majority of people, however, if it should not be used if you have –

  • Epilepsy
  • Pace-maker fitted
  • Prescribed – heavy doses of Warfarin

Electrolysis/Laser treatments
Electrolysis and Laser treatments are both effective and safe methods of removing unwanted hair. Electrolysis can be used on all hair and skin types and results in extremely low levels of regrowth. The treatments do take longer, and cause some initial redness to the skin, but the long term positive results make electrolysis the preferred method for many salons and customers.

Electrolysis Salons, London, UK
Hair Removal, Beauty Treatments, London, UK

171 Hair and Beauty Salon


171 Upper Street
London N1 1RG


Electrolysis, Permanent Hair Removal Treatments, London

Electrolysis is a proven, effective method of removing unwanted hair from the face and entire body.
At 171, our expert Electrolysis Therapists hold advanced diplomas and are qualified to treat skin tags and broken capillaries.
Please contact 171 to book a free 15 minute consulation to find out about the latest electrolysis techniques and discuss and arrange a course of treatments designed especially for you.

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Opening hours
Mon - Fri 10.00 - 20.00
Sat 9.00 - 19.00
Sun 11.00 - 18.00

Electrolysis hair removal by 171 Islington salon, London
171 - Electrolysis Salon

EXM Hair and Beauty Salon


48 Exmouth Market
London EC1R 4QE


Electrolysis, Hair Removal Salons, Islington, London, UK

Electrolysis is an extremely effective way of pemanently removing unwanted hair.
If you wish to achieve a permanently smooth appearance to troublesome facial or body areas, contact the specialist team at EXM.
At EXM we offer a free consultation to discuss and arrange a personalised course of treatments to suit your particular requirements.

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Opening hours
Mon - Fri 10.00 - 20.00
Sat 9.00 - 18.00

Electrolysis Treatments, EXM Hair and Beauty Salon, London EC1R 4QE, UK
electrolysis treatments, London

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