Vietnamese Restaurant in East London

Viet Hoa Vietnamese restaurant in Shoreditch - authentic Vietnamese food at this East End favourite...

Viet Hoa - Vietnamese Restaurant and Cafe - Shoreditch, East London

Why We Think The Viet Hoa is the Best Vietnamese Restaurant in London!

We have been enjoying Vietnamese food at the Viet Hoa Cafe since it first opened in Englefield Road well over a decade ago - in what was then an old swimming baths converted into a Vietnamese Community Centre in the heart of Hackney. The cafe was an instant success serving fabulously fresh and very reasonably priced, tasty Vietnamese dishes to a 90's Hackney crowd. We became regular customers and loyally followed the owners when the restaurant moved to its current location in Kingsland Road, Shoreditch - ten years have passed and it's still one of our favourite Vietnamese restaurants.

Lots has changed in that time - but then again, much remains the same. The decor has been transformed from a 'bright' Hanoi style cafe with Formica tables and stackable chairs, Vietnamese prints and music to it's current incarnation as a hip Shoreditch restaurant / bar. With free WiFi and your choice of music playlist, designer magazine library and interior decor to match - but some things don't change - the food is as good as it ever was.
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Viet Hoa Vietnamese Restaurant in East London
Viet Hoa Vietnamese Restaurant

This is a family run business - there are often three generations present and a warm welcome is always given. Fresh ingredients are sourced from local specialist food suppliers and they are passionate about what they cook - staples such as meal in a bowl 'Pho' and Bun Xa are presented alongside Green Ginger Prawns, Drunken Fish and Shaking Beef, there are many sizzling dishes arriving at the tables...

My favourite has to be the Tofu Sate and Goi - the most delicious raw salad with a delicate Vietnamese dressing.The food is consistently brilliant and it's always the same - the reason for this is simple - the recipes are a family secret, so the secret sauces and spice combinations are prepared by one person, they are freshly made every day - so it's consistently good - even if the chef changes, the food remains the same, as they work to strict recipes. 

Viet Hoa


Viet Hoa

70-72 Kingsland Road
London E2 8DP

It's a brilliant choice for birthday meals or casual business lunch meetings - and best of all if you have friends visiting - introduce them to the Viet Hoa and they will thank you forever.
Some of our friends always make sure they schedule in a meal at the Viet Hoa whenever they visit London...

Tip: This is a great place for Sunday Lunch after visiting Columbia Road Flower Market - it's literally just around the corner!
Here's a map of the area to show the location...

Viet Hoa, Vietnamese restaurant in Hackney, East London
Viet Hoa


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