Lava Lamps by Mathmos

Mathmos are renowned for their iconic invention the Lava Lamp, they now have a wonderful selection of designer lighting showcasing their full range at the showroom in trendy Hoxton - East London

Mathmos - Lava Lamps and Designer Lighting Showroom, East London

Jelly Rainbow Lights by Mathmos, London UK
Jelly Rainbow Lights by Mathmos - Hoxton Showroom, East London




96 Kingsland Road
London E2 8DP

Astro Smart Lava Lamp

Created by Edward Craven-Walker in 1963 the Lava Lamp is an iconic reminder of swinging sixties London.

The design is a classic and has been handmade in Britain since its first creation almost 50 years ago.

The range of designs on display at the East London showroom shows that not much has changed - still available the original classic Telstar rocket shaped lava lamp - our personal favourite!

Alongside the Astro lava lamp which is the absolute original design and the second refined styling of the Astrobaby Lava lamp.

Recent developments in the design include the Fluidium design By Ross Lovegrove and the Smart Button controlled Astro lava lamp.

The great news is you can also buy replacement bottles for all the current designs.

Custom Made Lava Lamps
You can even order a bespoke design - they will create a giant made to order lamp of up to 2 metres in height, custom made to your requirements at their factory in Poole. You need to order this two months in advance and you can view a sample 'giant' lamp in their hip Hoxton showroom.

Mathmos continues its inventive heritage with eco-friendly wind lights, the rechargeable and portable Aduki lights - great for lighting up the garden - Thaw Lights, freeze your own candle with this clever piece of kit and the first ever Lava lamp powered by a candle.

The Mathmos Showroom is just around the corner from Columbia Road and Spitalfields Market

Opening hours
Mon - Fri 9.30 17.30

Telstar Lava Lamp by Mathmos - East London showroom
Telstar Lava Lamp
Aduki portable and rechargeable lights by Mathmos
Adukini Lights


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