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Dress agencies sell quality new and secondhand clothing - often by well known designer brands. These can range from last seasons collections to items that have sometimes only been worn once. The dress agency will source quality secondhand clothes and offer them at a fraction of the price they would have sold for originally. These shops are like Aladdin's caves, you need to search through to find a real bargain - vintage Chanel alongside Jimmy Choo's shoes and everything in between. The stock changes regularly sometimes week to week so regular visits are a must. New season changes are an exciting time to start hunting!

The Dresser - Nearly New Designer Clothes and Quality Secondhand Clothing, Central London

The Dresser

The Dresser

10 Porchester Place
London W2 2BS


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The Dresser to buy online - London dress agency

The Dresser now sells online!
A leading London retailer of secondhand designer clothes, The Dresser (of Connaught Village, London W2) specialises in buying and selling vintage, nearly new and couture designer clothes for both men and women. Among the visitors to the shop are celebrities, fashion editors, and top stylists from around the world.

Sally Ormsby, the owner, opened The Dresser in 1986. Since then it has earned the reputation of being one of Londonís top designer resale boutiques. Sallyís knowledge and expertise enable her to accurately value nearly new top designer labels, creating an ideal environment for the purchase and sale of extremely exciting pieces. The menswear section is now as successful as the womenswear and attracts fashion concious men from London and abroad.

Just behind Marble Arch, at the west end of Oxford Street, The Dresser, dress agency, is a haven for a wide range of people devoted to the exchange of top designer labels including quality retro and contemporary clothing and accessories. All clothing is in excellent condition and sells for a fraction of its original sale price.

The Dresser holds a Private View day at the beginning of the seasons (in March and September) to show the new seasonís stock.

Labels include DKNY, Chanel, Armani, Prada, Versace, Gucci, Hermes, Fendi, Dior, D&G, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Comme des Garcons, Helmut Lang, Chloe, Roberto Cavalli, J P Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, Manolo Blahnik

The Dresser welcomes your enquiries about top second hand designer labels.

If you have nearly new designer labels you would like to sell, please contact The Dresser.

For further info please contact Sally Ormsby at†The Dresser

Terms and Conditions for Selling We welcome contemporary and couture womens / mens designer clothing and accessories within two years old (other than vintage) for resale at The Dresser.

We operate on a 50/50%, six weeks, sale or return basis.

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The Dresser, dress agency, London
Nearly new designer clothes, dress agency, London
Interior of The Dresser, dress agency, Central London, UK
Designer resale boutique
The Dresser, dress agency, Connaught Village, London
The Dresser, dress agency, Connaught Village

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