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Dr Hauschka cosmetics and skincare are made from pure plant and vegetable oils, for those seeking high quality natural cosmetics this brand is fast becoming one of the most popular. Made from the finest natural ingredients produced organically and ethically there's much to choose from in this range. The holistic body and facial products include eye and face creams and pure body oils, there's also a range of sun care products including sun cream and lip care. The Dr Hauschka cosmetic range is produced from natural organic ingredients.

Dr Hauschka - Holistic Skin Care Products: Everyone knows the best form of marketing is word-of-mouth! This is largely how the wider world discovered Dr Hauschka's holistic skincare products. Produced in Southern Germany by the WALA Company, not noted as a big advertiser, today its products enjoy an ever growing demand in over 40 countries worldwide and count several big name celebrities among its devoted users. Internet blogs sing the phrases of Dr Hauschka, as new converts eagerly spread their message to the online community.

Established in 1935, WALA GmbH has foundation or trust company status, which means all its profits remain within the company, allowing it to pursue its goal of uncompromising dedication to producing natural skin care products in an organic and ethical way. WALA even has its own organic herb garden, where much of the raw materials are sourced to produce the natural ingredients that have come to epitomise Dr Hauschka's skin care range. Among its external suppliers are thousands of hectares of farmland from all over the world providing raw materials in an environmentally responsible way. Needless to add, supporting local communities in an economically sustainable way is an integral part of the philosophy of WALA.

The Dr Hauschka range includes face care, eye and lip care, body care, bath and body oils, hair care, sun care and make-up. The range was originally conceived in the sixties when Dr. Hauschka, a chemist, applied anthroposophy and the study of natural rhythms to produce natural and organic remedies and natural care products. In particular, polaric rhythms such as heat and cold, light and dark are used in the production process to preserve the natural healing and medicinal effects of the herbs and plants used as raw materials.

Dr Hauschka Skin Care preparations encourage the skin to harmonise and balance. Dr Hauschka advocates cleansing, toning, conditioning and moisturising as the basics for healthy skin care. The holistic emphasis seeks to create radiant skin, but also has an anti-inflammatory focus which decreases bodily aches and pains, creating a more balanced state of well being. As a departure from many skin care companies, Dr Hauschka does not recommend using a night cream unless there is a specific need, as the skin takes this time to breathe and eject toxins.

If you are looking for skin care products which use natural and organic ingredients, then perhaps it is worth investigating the Dr Hauschka range.

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Dr Hauschka cosmetic products, Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands, NL
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