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Dog and Puppy Training - London area

Dog and puppy training in London and Bedfordshire. Using the most up to date training methods, My Ideal Puppy offers training sessions for dogs and puppies of all ages. The aim is to produce a happy and relaxed well-trained pet within an urban setting. There are a range of options on offer from personal one to one training sessions to residential puppy courses. The company is based in the West London area and at their farmhouse in Bedfordshire. They specialise in training problem dogs and dogs with behavioural problems. Their experienced obedience instructors will train your dog and socialize your puppy.

My Ideal Puppy - Dog Training, puppy training courses, dog day care service - London area

Learn to train your dog or puppy; take advantage of personal one-to-one courses and training residentials. The Ideal way to train your dog!
We specialise in personal one-to-one training for owners and dogs and training residentials for owners with puppies and dogs of all ages. We aim to create happy, calm and well behaved dogs to live easily within the city location. In order to achieve this, we need to understand the way dogs think and then learn to speak their language. Our personal dog trainers are able to travel within 10 miles of our base in Notting Hill and Bedfordshire, but please contact us for details if you live outside this area.

One-to-One Dog Training Sessions

Indoor sessions:
These sessions form the basis of training for your puppy / dog the Ideal way. We utilise positive reinforcement to train your dog. A My Ideal Puppy Personal Dog Trainer will visit your home (if possible, with all members of the household / pack present). By doing this we can assess the dog in its usual environment. We have found that many problems encountered are due to a lack of understanding between the dog and owner. Dogs are naturally pack animals and form a chain of command that allows the pack to function as a single unit. We will show you how to set up pack order.

Outdoor sessions: Please note completing the indoor sessions is a precondition to any outdoor session you may wish to book.
Taking control of the walk – once you have established pack order within your home / den, you will probably find an outdoor session extremely helpful.

All of our training is undertaken by My Ideal Puppy Personal Dog Trainers. These sessions often have an astounding outcome, but do require your genuine commitment. There are no absolute guarantees, but if you do take on the strategies, we suggest then you could easily see positive changes in your dog’s behaviour within a few days.

Training Dogs with behaviour problems We advise that dogs with pronounced behaviour problems have one to one sessions. Common problems include excessive barking, fear of cars, destructiveness and separation anxiety. If the problem is quite severe, more than one session may be needed.

Puppy Training Residentials
We offer a two week residential training course for puppies - they will come and stay at our farmhouse in Bedfordshire - just one hour's drive from West London. During their stay they will learn to interact with other dogs and receive their basic start for training for lead work, basic obedience, crate training and getting started on toilet training. The main purpose of this course is to create a fun environment in which we have one on one time with your puppy. The environment is welcoming, supportive and positive. 

It is necessary to book all sessions in advance.
We also provide a dog walking and dog sitting service in Notting Hill, West London

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My Ideal Puppy
My Ideal Puppy

At My Ideal Puppy, we provide dog training and puppy tra ining courses as either one to one sessions or as training residentials. 
We also offer dog sitting as a day care service in Notting Hill & dog boarding for longer stays, at our smallholding in Bedfordshire (very conveniently placed for Luton Airport). 
Our catchment area is North West London, West London, Central London and South West London, Bedfordshire UK.

Please contact us if you have any queries or wish to have more information.

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