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Professional Dog Sitting and Dog Walking Services From My Ideal Puppy
My Ideal Puppy is based in Notting Hill, West London and offers a full range of professional day care for dogs and dog boarding at our farmhouse in Bedfordshire. Our catchment area includes Central, West, South and South West areas of London including Notting Hill, Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea.

My Ideal Puppy - Dog day care and boarding - Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham - West London, UK

Dog Day Care services for West London:  There are times when you need day care for your dog. You may be called away from home, experience illness or need to travel or work away from home. For many, a demanding job leaves insufficient time to look after the dog.

In any of these lifestyle events, My Ideal Puppy is able to provide an efficient, professional pet service. They will walk and take care of your dog while you are away, so you can be confident that your pet is exercised and happy and securely looked after during the day.

They walk the dogs in a number of wonderful parks and heaths in London including Holland Park, Hampstead Heath and Battersea Park. 
The dogs have a great time, given fun and games and playing with their doggie playmates - and as you would expect from dog behaviourist specialists - they teach them good manners at the same time.

With services that are flexible to suit the needs of you and your dog but please note: they do require at least 24 hours notice to book or cancel your dog's walk. They will also collect and return your pooch at no extra charge.

Dog Sitting and Boarding services for London: The My Ideal Puppy dog walkers are experienced dog trainers and provide a full range of services including boarding dogs while their owners are away on holiday.

Dogs can be cared for in the MIP friendly home environment or, if preferred, the dog or puppy can stay in its own home and be expertly cared for.

They prefer to adhere to the dog’s own routine and, to help them do this, they ask you to fill out a My Ideal Puppy Registration and Instruction form. 

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My ideal Puppy is based in Notting Hill and Bedfordshire and offers a full range of professional dog sitting and dog day care services. We service Central, West, South and South West areas of London including Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea. We are fully insured with public liability insurance.
My Ideal Puppy offers longer term care for dog boarding at their farmhouse in Bedfordshire.
Email us for further details. 

My Ideal Puppy also offers comprehensive dog training programmes. Please contact My Ideal Puppy for details of our full range of professional services.

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