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Unique and hand-crafted - designer lampshades have found a place at the forefront of contemporary décor design, providing innovative and artistic statements to enliven and enrich any interior living space. Family Tree design duo, Exmouth Market, London, UK, create chic designer lampshades as part of their interior accessories range.

Family Tree - designer lampshades - custom-made, hand-crafted Washi and fabric light shades, London EC1 4QL

Mini lampshades with stands, Family Tree Shop, London EC1 4QL
mini shades with stands
Washi pattern samples, Family Tree Shop, London EC1 4QL
washi pattern samples

Designer lampshades will enhance all styles of interior – contemporary, minimalist, retro, traditional or classic, creating eye-catching decorative focal points or subtle unobtrusive light sources.

Designer/maker lampshades are artistic statements in their own right and make use of all types of materials and structures to create talking-points and signature pieces.

Decor lighting advanced in the middle of the 20th century  - with the advent of new forms of plastic and newly invented fabrics - the interior lighting designers found new freedoms and greater consumer interest for unusual and daring lighting design concepts.

The mid-century era is still viewed as being enormously influential in the development of interior design - with original retro and vintage lighting pieces now being highly prized on the collectors’ market.

Retro design influences can be clearly seen in the work of many contemporary lighting designer/makers who playfully combine the use of bright motifs, hard edge iconic patterning and geometric shapes with their own, innovative, 21st century design concepts and naturally based materials.
Le Mosquee lampshades, Family Tree Shop, London EC1 4QL
Le Mosquee - Family Tree
Designer fabric lampshades, Family Tree Shop, London EC1 4QL
designer fabric lampshades
Applique fabric motifs, Family Tree Shop, London EC1 4QL
applique fabric motifs

Family Tree

Family Tree

53 Exmouth Market
London EC1 4QL

Family Tree Shop, Exmouth Market, London EC1 4
Family Tree Shop, London

Family Tree design duo from Exmouth Market, London, offer a stunning  range of designer hand-made lampshades with design influences ranging from traditional Japanese imagery to western mid-century modern styling.

Creating trendy, chic lighting designs using a variety of materials including Washi (Japanese rice paper) and printed Fair Trade cotton – Family Tree offer a custom-made service to suit the scale and styling of a particular interior design project.

The Washi lampshades are available in various sizes, colours and pattern designs and the unique ‘Le Mosquee lampshades’ are bespoke one-off pieces (all available as table lamp shades or ceiling pendant shades).

  Visit the Family Tree Shop in Exmouth Market, London to view the range of designer lamps and hand-made lampshades available.

Family Tree is a supporter of British/European designers & ethically conscious products.

Washi lampshades, Japanese rice paper
washi lampshades

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