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Our featured specialist - White and Reid - are experts in hand poured concrete worktops. White and Reid bespoke concrete work surfaces are custom made, hand polished and also come in bespoke colours!

White and Reid - Bespoke, hand trowelled, polished concrete countertops, London UK

White and Reid

White and Reid

19 Shakespeare Road
London E17 6AS

Concrete Countertops, London UK
Concrete Worksurface

White and Reid have extensive experience in the refurbishment of period houses. They are experts in lime washing and creating bespoke concrete work surfaces.

Bespoke Concrete Countertops: For a distinctive, uniquely tactile and seamless work surface, White and Reid cast concrete countertops in situ and meticulously finish them by hand. Concrete countertops can be created in any size or shape and mould themselves beautifully around fixtures and fittings in the kitchen.

Strong, sturdy units are hand made to support the weight of the countertops, which have a minimum thickness of 55mm. A former is constructed to the specific design of the kitchen and reinforcement rods are placed within the former to give the countertops great tensile strength. We often use white cement with silver sand which gives a rich, creamy buff finish to the countertop, but a wide range of tones, colours and design elements can be incorporated into the pour.

The concrete is left to harden and retain it's moisture over a long period before the countertop is sealed. Four coats of penetrative sealant is used followed by several coats of protective wax. As opposed to concrete worktops cast off site, hand trowelled tops have an organic, leather-like tactile quality.

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Handmade Concrete Worksurfaces, London UK
Custom made concrete worktops
Custom made Concrete Work Surfaces, London UK
Made to Measure concrete worktop
Bespoke concrete worktops, London UK
Bespoke concrete worktop

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