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There is something about a cashmere sweater that exudes luxurious elegance, whether worn by men or women. Cashmere is timeless and although the colours may vary from season to season, it never seems to go out of fashion. Just about everybody recognises the special quality of a cashmere garment. This is hardly surprising when one considers its origins.

Anna - Anna's own range of cashmere, buy online or from her London fashion boutiques

Brora Cashmere - Scottish designer cashmere for women, men, children & babies

Brora designer cashmere knitwear, London UK
Brora designer cashmere
Cashmere collection by Anna, buy online
Cashmere cardigan
Cashmere Shawl buy online
Cashmere Shawl
Short sleeved cashmere top, buy online
Cashmere top

Cashmere, or originally Kashmir, is the name given to a very special type of goat, whose unrivalled soft and silky undercoat is the main raw material for cashmere wool. The Cashmere goat is native to the Himalayan plateaus of India and Tibet. Although in the 1800s, Kashmir was the world’s main supplier of cashmere wool, today the region is no longer a significant producer. Nowadays, the biggest cashmere wool producing regions are Northern China, Mongolia and Tibet. Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India also produce Cashmere but in smaller quantities.

The robust Cashmere goat, who has subsisted for centuries on the harsh mountains and plateaus of the Far East, has a lifespan of approximately seven years. The Cashmere goat grows its special fleece to protect it from the extreme cold of winter in the region. The fleece comprises an outercoat of course hairs but also a soft undercoat of very fine hairs. It is this undercoat of finer hairs that provides the raw material for Cashmere. It takes one of these cashmere goats three years to produce enough wool for a single cashmere sweater!

Once the goats begin moulting in Spring, the goat’s hair is shed naturally. In some regions such as China and Mongolia, the hair is removed with a comb by hand. In order for the fine underwool to be classified as cashmere, it needs to be de-haired. During this process, the coarser hair from the outer coat is then separated from the super fine hairs of the goat’s undercoat. Following the purification of the hairs to remove natural grease and accumulated dirt, the prized cashmere wool is ready for dyeing, spinning and knitting. Natural colours of Cashmere hairs are grey, brown and white, the latter being the most prized.

Cashmere, no matter what one’s fashion preferences remains today an ideal wardrobe builder, and thus makes for a very special gift for both men and women, young or old. Everyone recognises that owning a cashmere garment means owning something very special, to be cherished for life.


Where to buy Cashmere in London:

Cashmere bolero from the collection by Anna, buy online
Cashmere bolero
Cashmere polo neck sweater, buy online
Cashmere polo neck sweater



126 Regents Park Road
Primrose Hill
London NW1 8XL


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Anna Park's London boutiques are located in Primrose Hill and the Kings Road, here you can find a fabulous range of 100% cashmere garments, including scarves and shawls - Anna's own cashmere collection of bolero tops, cardigans and polo neck sweaters are in a wonderful range of colours - this quality knitwear can also be bought online from Anna's webshop.

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Cashmere scarves and shawls by Anna, Primrose Hill, London NW1
Cashmere scarves and shawls by Anna

Brora Cashmere



186 Upper Street
London N1 1RQ


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Brora cashmere - buy online

Brora's exciting new collection of Scottish cashmere - the extensive range includes sweaters and cardigans, boleros and wraps for women; v-necked jumpers and round necked sweaters for men and a delightful range for children and babies.Baby cashmere is ideal as gifts for new borns.
Visit Brora's shop in Islington, London, open seven days a week this charming boutique has an extensive range in store, including the new collection of linens, cottons and silk chiffon - Janine Gerlach - the Islington shop manager offers a warm welcome and is on hand to answer any enquiries.
If you can't make it to Islington buy Brora online from their e-commerce site with worldwide delivery.
Baby and children's cashmere...

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Brora designer cashmere boutique Islington and buy online, London UK
Brora cashmere knitwear

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