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For comfort, warmth and design, Scottish cashmere remains a firm favourite with the customer base world-wide. The natural feel, soft texture, and full range of colours make cashmere an ideal choice for children’s and babies’ clothing and blankets.

Brora Cashmere - Cashmere for children and babies, cashmere blankets

Baby cashmere, cashmere baby clothes and blankets, Brora, UK
Brora cashmere for babies

Skillfully blended and coloured with vibrant, natural dyes, traditional cashmere design really does embody the very essence of its name sake - Kashmir- an ancient and evocative area now forming the connecting point of three major nations - Pakistan, India and China. Culturally unique and diverse, the poetic literature, colourful clothes, folk music, dance and highly spiced cuisine all reflect the richness of the region.

Geographically unusual, the main area of Kashmir is reputed to have originally been a lake which was, at some time in its history, drained of water.

For centuries, Kashmir’s relaxed, easy pace of life and tolerant mix of a number of religious beliefs attracted numerous talented craftsmen and artisans. Many began to specialise in the use of wool from the highly prized breed of local cashmere goats - and the colourful designs that developed displayed the lyrical and creative nature of the region.

Originally, Kashmir was the only producer of cashmere wool and successfully exported the highly prized commodity world wide. In recent years, cashmere goats have become more common outside the region and Scotland is now one of the most well known producers of cashmere.

Ideally suited to the highlands of Scotland, the cashmere goats produce a soft warm undercoat to protect them during the winter. This fine wool is combed out in the spring and expertly processed to create delightful Scottish cashmere designs in both traditional and contemporary modes.

Reflecting the natural mix of earth colours and the brightness of the natural landscape, Scottish cashmere evokes the glorious mix of heathers, lakes, rocky coastlines and dramatic skies of Scotland.

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Cashmere for children, Brora cashmere collection, UK
Brora children's cashmere collection

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Brora's stunning collection of cashmere for children and babies is available from their charming boutique in Islington or you can buy direct from their online webshop.
Delightful cardigans, jumpers and tank tops for children in a wide range of Brora's core cashmere colours. Baby grows, cardigans and leggings for babies, the baby hats, mittens and bootees make wonderful gift sets for the new born.
A beautiful range of cashmere blankets for babies and children are also available.
Please email us to sign up to our newsletter to receive sale information and new collection previews. Brora's range includes cashmere for all the family.

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Cashmere clothes for kids from Brora to buy online, London UK
Cashmere for Children

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