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House Couturier specialises in a bespoke carpet and rug design service including made-to-measure, one-off design, manufacture, installation and fitting; carpets and rugs can be custom-made to complement the interior décor of a home or office. House Couturier offers a wide choice of textiles and colours with a personalised design service; London SW6 4RD, UK.

House Couturier - Bespoke carpets and rugs - design, manufacture and fitting service, London SW6 4RD

Bespoke rug design, House Couturier, London SW6 4RD, UK
bespoke rugs
Silk rug design, House Couturier, London SW6 4RD, UK
silk rug design
Detailed carpet border, House Couturier, London SW6 4RD, UK
detailed carpet border

BESPOKE CARPETS AND RUGS offer the ultimate choice in décor – allowing complete freedom of imagination and invention.

Instead of creating a particular interior décor design and then searching for that specific carpet or rug to complement the styling - consider having a carpet made to your own specification as part of your overall design concept. The carpet can then become an integral part of the original idea and even lead the design impetus.

Designs can be created in all styles – classic, retro, modern and unique. Textiles and textures, colours and shades can be varied to produce stunning designs made to specific shapes and dimensions to work perfectly with all other interior design elements.

Carpets and rugs can be designed from initial visual ideas and colour choices and then made-to-measure using chosen textiles and colour ranges. The bespoke carpet and rug service will include fitting and installation.

An invaluable service for professional interior designers, the bespoke service is also available to individuals for interior decoration of residential and commercial properties.

Bespoke carpet design, House Couturier, London SW6 4RD, UK
bespoke carpet design
Custom-designed carpet motifs, House Couturier, London SW6 4RD, UK
custom-designed carpet motifs

House Couturier

House Couturier

285 New Kings Road
London SW6 4RD


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Bespoke rugs - contemporary styling, House Couturier, London SW6 4RD, UK
bespoke rugs - contemporary styling

Bespoke Carpets and Rugs

House Couturier is a specialist interior company based in Central London that offers that rare service - completely bespoke at a very competitive price. With a loyal following of highly discerning clients House Couturier has established itself at the luxury end of interior design services.

Their beautiful rugs and and fitted carpets can be perfectly matched to your existing decor, furnishings or wall hangings.

Their expertise is proven and when you contact them with your enquiry an experienced consultant will visit your home or office to discuss the commission. Once colour palette and design are discussed they will send you a sample which on confirmation of full approval will be manufactured and fitted.

They have a standard carpet fitting service and welcome overseas enquiries and commissions.

Contact House Couturier direct for more details on their bespoke carpet and rug service.

House Couturier interior design services

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Custom made Rugs House Couturier, London SW6 4RD, UK
Luxury Bespoke Rugs
Bespoke carpets by House Couturier, London SW6 4RD, UK
Bespoke Carpets by House Couturier

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