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Where to buy Bonsai in London - this specialist bonsai nursery supplies both indoor and outdoor bonsai trees from their Crews Hill nursery. They run regular bonsai courses, teaching you how to maintain your bonsai trees.

Little Woods Bonsai Nursery - Bonsai specialist nursery and bonsai courses North London UK

Ancient civilization - Greece, Italy, Egypt, Babylonia etc, most probably kept potted plants, whether it be for decorative, medicinal, nutritional, transporting and even religious purposes. In the east, notably China, the cultivation of potted plants, especially those of the woody variety had crossed into another dimension. The transition from ordinary untrained plant material, to a living work of art conveying spiritual qualities had taken place.

Japan's Bonsai tradition is also very ancient, received from China, new styles and techniques were developed which paved the way for many stunning and award winning Bonsai. China has also had its fair share of success with many exquisite displays of Penjing (Original form of Bonsai).

The term Bonsai literally translated means 'dwarfed tree grown in a pot' but the definition means much more to the bonsai enthusiast - the creation of a miniaturised natural landscape by man's intervention - controlling nature itself. Bonsai creations can be a single lonesome tree or a dwarf forest or tiny landscape - originally aesthetically to reflect space, time and movement...

It is the combination of traditions and disciplines from other Asian countries including Taiwan and Vietnam, South Korea and India that has strongly influenced our perception of bonsai today.

Little Woods Bonsai Nursery are specialists in the cultivation, propagation and courses regarding bonsai. We appeal to enthusiasts and to the very beginners alike. This fascinating interest is absorbing and is about creating something of beauty. It is relaxing and can be challenging at the same time...

Here at Little Woods Bonsai Nursery we are your guiding hand and only too happy to assist you on your journey.

Wholesale enquiries are most welcome.
Email or telephone direct for details on plant stocks and prices or to be included on the mailing list...

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Little Woods Bonsai Nursery

Little Woods Bonsai Nursery

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Bonsai Classes - Beginners to Master Class Level
Little Woods Bonsai is delighted to announce their co-operation with Harukaze Bonsai in offering a full range of bonsai courses to suit all levels of expertise.
Covering every aspect of the care of bonsai trees from choice of trees, how to propagate, re-potting techniques and exhibiting opportunities.

Tutors include Nobuyuki Kajiwara, Natsuo Kobayashi and Mike Andrews. Classes take place at various intervals throughout the year and will accommodate evenings and daytimes, course numbers will be limited to 8 persons per course to make sure you receive the best attention and support.

A little more on the bonsai tutors -

Nobuyuki Kajiwara (Nobu) originally trained with Mansai-en with Terukichi Kato for five years in Japan he now teaches in Europe and is in charge of high-profile bonsai collections

Natsuo Kobayashi (Natsu) fully qualified 2 years ago in Japan where he trained for 5 years

Mike Andrews trained with Nobu for 12 years and has been working with Bonsai for more than twenty five years.

For further details please contact Little Woods Bonsai Nursery.

More info, contact details & opening hours...

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