Terracotta Planters – the garden designer’s choice…

Why Choose Terracotta?
An integral part of many of today’s garden designs, particularly urban gardens, include patios and outside seating areas, here terracotta pots and plant containers are statement choices for visual impact, natural planting and ease of maintenance.

Terracotta plant containers - huge range, garden centre London
Terracotta plant containers - the designers choice

The use of terracotta planters is a time honoured favourite with many gardeners and there are now such a vast choice of designs available. Many of these designs are handmade and quite beautiful and there are fundamental reasons for their popularity…

Terracotta plant pots and containers for eco-friendly gardening
Contemporary designs | Terracotta Planters

Firstly, it’s a great choice for your plants!
Terracotta’s unique properties go some way to protect and prolong the life of plants.  Clay used in producing plant pots and terracotta planters is porous allowing vital air and moisture to be absorbed through the sides of the pot.  Their thermal properties are also a great asset, they help protect the plants in the summer by giving the roots air to breath and retain water to keep the roots cool and again in the winter they help to protect the roots from frost during extreme temperatures.  Terracotta and earthenware pots also help to avoid over watering as they absorb excess water.

Terracotta and earthenware plant containers for sale
Terracotta Plant Containers - displayed at Paramount Plants in Crews Hill

It is not only the life of our plants that benefit from using Terracotta Planters, the warmth of their natural colour and their contrast to the green foliage, coupled with the beautiful way they age over time, are compelling more gardeners to use them.  These planters are very strong, they are a good investment, as they can often last for many years and the traditional look and feel of them is very appealing. Finally, in these eco-conscious times, making choices away from the use of can only be for the good.
The new range of quality, terracotta plant containers now showcased at Paramount Plants & Gardens are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and for patio and topiary planting.
The design options include traditional ‘long toms’ as well as more contemporary designs and are great value (prices start at £9.99).