Semi Permanant Make Up Specialist

Fe Hair and Beauty Salon, Connaught Village, London W2

Fe Hair and Beauty in Connaught Village – now specialises in Semi-Permanent Make Up.

We are thrilled to also have another super talented face join us at the salon. Kiril is a semi permanent make up artist. Having worked as a fine artist for many years, he decided to transfer his skill and attention to detail to a line of work that would literally transform faces.

Semi permanent make up techique at Fe hair and beauty, Connaught Village
Before and After Perfect Brows – semi permanent make up techique

His work is extraordinary, Kiril has the ability to immediately understand what subtle changes to lips, eyes or eyebrows will rebalance the features.

Discreet Lash Definer at Fe hair and beauty, London UK
Before and After Discreet Lash Definer technique

His famous delicate eyeliner which emphasises the lashes at the lash line is so flattering that it leaves your eyes looking gorgeous and defined without any visible harsh line. A very delicate lip blush technique delicately emphasises the natural curve of your lips and the eyebrow enhancer is perfect for those of you with thin or sparse eyebrows.

Perfect brows
Before and After Perfect Brows – permanent make-up at Fe hair and beauty

All the girls at the salon have had a treatment done with Kiril, and we think they look more beautiful than before, but more importantly, incredibly natural. His work is a piece of art and that is exactly how he views the face, something to be treated with a gentle touch and a subtle technique. Trust us, there will be queues for appointments with this genius!
Kiril is available for consultation through appointments at the Fe Hair and Beauty salon:

Fe London
22 Kendal Street
Connaught Village
W2 2AW

+44 (0)2074024442