Look Stunning with an Post-Summer Facial at 171 and EXM Beauty Salons – 20% OFF!

It’s been a beautiful sunny summer and now that it’s coming to an end, we all want to look at our best as we get ready for a new exciting season. But before planning for our Autumn wardrobe, we might first spare a thought for our summer sun-exposed skin. A good start is  to make sure we have a healthy glowing skin, much needed after a long hot summer. Skin discolouration, dehydrated skin and clogged pores can make your skin look tired and dull are some of the symptoms of after-sun exposure. Nothing that a good facial can’t cure!

Pamper Yourself with the Get Over the Summer Facial at 171 and EXM
Pamper Yourself with the Get Over the Summer Facial at 171 and EXM

In order to recover your facial skin from the sun rays what you need is a good exfoliating and hydrating facial that will help you look rejuvenated, vibrant and healthy.

171 and EXM Hair & Beauty Salons in London offer a brilliant Get Over the Summer facial – a new relaxing and soothing treatment that will help your skin bring back its vital radiance and beauty.

What’s more, because a good facial is a vital step towards a great looking skin – 171 and EXM Hair & Beauty Salons would like to motivate more women take a good care of their skin by offering a 20% OFF on all facials!

For more information about the 20% OFF Special offer on all facials including the Get Over The Summer Facial from both Salons take a look at the following links.