Your clothes as good as new at Top Hat Dry Cleaners, Chiswick

Top Hat Dry Cleaners, Devonshire Road, Chiswick, London, with their impeccable knowledge about fabrics and cleaning, return your clothes just as good as new! They do an excellent job of cleaning your precious clothes, and you can collect them at any time.

Top Hat Dry Cleaners is Chiswick‘s oldest and best dry cleaning service, opening its doors in 1968, and it continues to provide quality dry cleaning services at affordable prices. The cleansing process is fine-tuned thanks to the advanced computer programming used by their state-of-the-art dry cleaning machine, with a modern environmentally friendly design.

Chiswick Dry Cleaners
Top Hat Dry Cleaners, Chiswick, London

They also offer an automated collection service called Auto Valet, which lets you collect your clothes whenever you want – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Top Hat Dry Cleaners also have their own tailor, who provides the fastest possible repair services.

Mike Moran, owner, is personally committed to providing top quality service. It is most likely that you will bump into him when you pop in. This keen rugby fan is always ready for a chat!

Whether it is a duvet, or a blanket, or curtains and blinds, or suede and leather clothing, or wedding dresses that need attention, drop them all off at the Chiswick dry cleaners’ and get them back as good as new!

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