Ancient Olive Trees

100 year old olive trees for London gardens!

For those of us who reside in the UK, fully grown olive trees tend to conjure up images of warmer climes, rolling Tuscan hills and long hot summers.
I recently discovered that it is possible to actually purchase aged, 100 year old Italian olive trees for planting in British gardens.  I mean really, really old ancient olive trees with twisted mature trunks of up to one metre thick, These 100 year old olives are full of character – gnarled, wrinkled and weather beaten – nature at its purest!

Ancient, 100 year old Olive Trees
Ancient, 100 year old Olive Trees

These heritage olives are hardy and can survive frosts and temperatures below zero. Sourced in Northern Italy, these specimen olive trees have been acclimatised to UK weather conditions and are purchased ready for planting. Full of character with gnarled and pock-marked trunks, these ancient beauties have been ‘bonsai-ed’ on the top, to curtail the size. They can grow up to 3 metres in height but can be pruned to any size.  This, together with London’s mild micro climate, makes them ideal for London’s gardens.

Europe Olives (Olea Europea) are evergreen with grey-green foliage and produce edible olive fruit after flowering (small white flowers). They  prefer a sunny position but can also be grown in partial shade.  You should avoid planting them in waterlogged soil.

It is a wonderful concept to know that you can create an instant taste of Tuscany in your UK garden. With trunks as wide as 1 metre, these mature olives will make an immediate impact.

Paramount Plants is a family business, Italian of course, based in London’s Crews Hill. They specialise in Mediterranean plants and mature plants. They have decades of experience of sourcing, growing and planting hardy olive trees in the UK.

Paramount Plants will deliver anywhere within the UK and Ireland. They will also provide expert advice on planting your heritage olive tree and caring for it.