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As one of London’s leading bicycle repair shops, The Bicycle Workshop prides itself in being able to undertake repairs that other repair shops might consider too difficult, for example hub gears and ‘Dutch’ bicycles. And they probably have the best stock of bicylce spare parts in all London.

Bicycle Workshop - One of the leading bicycle repair shops in West London

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The majority of our repair work is on commuter and utility cycles, but we are very happy to work on high-end bicycles and can easily order in spare parts. We readily take on repairs to drum brakes, hub gears, fully-enclosed chains, suspension and disc brakes. We are one of the few workshops that do repairs to Dutch Bicycles.

One of our most popular sales lines is the Brompton Bicycle and we aim to carry a selection in stock but we can always order in a particular model. We also take special orders for the extremely well-liked Pashley Bicycle.

Our workshop is immediately accessible from the street, enabling the mechanics to meet the customer to discuss the repair or sale. We are able to assess the extent of the repair needed and arrive at a price strategy that will ensure the safety and ride ability of the cycle. We do not operate a flat rate system for repairs as the amount of work required varies with each job.

In addition to the repairs and sales side of our business, we have developed a specialised service to supply parts and accessories that can be hard to find in other shops.

We also stock some of the unusual, high quality lines that are not readily found in all cycle shops. We stock a vast range of dynamo lighting, Sturmey Archer hubs and spares and pride ourselves on stocking every Brooks saddle model available in the UK.

We are careful to stock the more unusual products – hoping that all customers will be able to find just exactly what they want, we can always place an order for very specialist items for you. 

An example of our product range -

Axa-Basta - Europe's largest supplier of bicycle lights, reflectors, locks and dynamos.

Bobike – Well designed, extremely high quality child seats.

Brooks saddles – Classically styled high quality leather saddles handcrafted for perfect comfort. We stock and are able to repair replacement spare parts for Brooks saddles.

We are very pleased to give expert advice on how to choose and set up your cycle (with regard to cycles sourced from other dealers as well as the ones supplied by us).

For general enquiries you could log on to the WhyCycle website. This gives very good impartial advice. If you are unable to find answers to your questions on this site, then you are very welcome to bring your cycle into the shop, and we would be happy to look at your cycle and discuss your queries. You are always welcome to contact call or email us.

Bicycle Workshop

Bicycle Workshop

27 All Saints Road
Notting Hill
London W11 1HE

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Bicycle repair shop, West London, UK
Bicycle repair shop West London

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