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The Art of Plant-Based hair and beauty products - High quality natural cosmetics. Hair, body care and cosmetics based on nature's ingredients available at Skins Cosmetics in Amsterdam's Nine Streets!

Skins Cosmetics - Aveda Hair and Beauty Products - The Nine Streets, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Aveda produces a comprehensive range of plant and flower based beauty products, including hair care, skin and body care, make-up and perfume. The concept is to substitute harmless and natural plant-derived beauty products and perfumes for chemical-based beauty products, damaging to the environment.

The Aveda Company was founded with a mission to make the world we live in a better place. Now part of the Estée Lauder group, Aveda's philosophy today still centres around those core values of giving back to society, environmental leadership and care for the world we live in! Aveda has an impressive list of raw material suppliers. It sources all ingredients from traditional communities around the world. This includes, for example, sandalwood from Australia's aboriginal Kutkabubba community, rose geranium from South Africa's post-apartheid farmers, Bulgarian rose and lavender from family run businesses in the Balkans and Morikue from Peru's indigenous Tambopata tribe.

The concept of Aveda is a marriage of past and present, combining ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicinal techniques with today's demand for top quality beauty products, while avoiding the use of petrochemicals. Undoubtedly, it took a man of unique vision to pioneer what has become a world class range of natural beauty products. Austrian-born Horst Rechelbacher, who founded Aveda in 1978, describes himself as "an active environmentalist, innovative business leader, author and artist." He is also an acknowledged expert on plant-based medicines and has a doctorate in Ayurvedic studies from India. He began his professional career in the beauty industry at the tender age of 14. One time celebrity hairdresser, since the mid-1960's, he has specialized in analyzing the chemical attributes of herbs and plants for health and well-being applications. It was when Rechelbacher returned from an extended trip in India that he began making plant-based beauty products, which led eventually to the foundation of Aveda. 

Skins Cosmetics

Skins Cosmetics

Runstraat 11
De Negen Straatjes
Amsterdam 1016 GJ


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Skins Cosmetics is a stunning  beauty products boutique in the heart of Amsterdam's trendy shopping district - known locally as De Negen Straatjes.

Beautifully laid out with some of the finest skin care products available worldwide, there is an extensive range of Aveda hair and beauty products on offer in the store and also for worldwide delivery from their website.

The knowledgable staff are always onhand to advise you. If you're looking for luxury gifts all items can be gift wrapped or if you'd prefer to send a voucher they have a unique system where they will create via computer a unique customised card and voucher for you to send. Call or email the shop for more details. 

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Aveda Skincare Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands, NL
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