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The Aquatic Warehouse specialises in aquatic plants for cold water ponds and plants for tropical fish tanks.

The Aquatic Warehouse - specialising in pond plants, water lilies and aquatic marginals

The Aquatic Warehouse specialises in aquatic plants. The past few decades have seen a revolution in garden pond technology and this has lead to an increase in the availability of all types of aquatic plants. The pond has now become an important part of the overall design of a garden and water planting is often included in the initial planning of an outdoor pond.

Planting styles for your pond can be formal (classic or geometric) or informal, summer seasonal or themed (using selected colours and fragrances). The use of textured foliage is ideal for creating dramatic architectural effects in your pond design.

There are many types of cold water pond plants including hardy submerged and floating plants, hardy side planting, woody waterside planting and water meadow, marshland and bog plants.

Fish will ideally supplement their diet with suitable green plants growing underwater and will make use of certain submerged aquatics to deposit and rear fish fry.

Perhaps one of the most popular water plants is the Waterlily (or Nymphaea). There are an extraordinary number of varieties available - some preferring to grow in particular depths of water. The round flat leaves provide excellent cover for fish, molluscs, amphibians and reptiles and the Water Lilie's  brightly coloured heavy floral crowns give a fantastic summer display.

Water lilies can also be grown even if you don't have a pond, they do very well in shallow glazed pots - simply add a layer of compost and then fill with water

Waterlilies, pond plants and aquatic marginals, London, UK
Waterlily's are easy to grow

The Aquatic Warehouse


The Aquatic Warehouse

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Aquatic plants specialist, Crews Hill, North London UK
Aquatic plants specialist

The Aquatics Warehouse has moved from Crews Hill  
Based in Hertfordshire they stocks an enormous range of water plants including a wide selection of Waterlilies. They are able to design, source and construct outdoor ponds and give sound advice on stocking the ponds with fish and plants, including an amazing selection of Koi Carp.

Continued maintenance of a garden pond is absolutely essential. All electrical equipment must be checked regularly; dead leaves and blanket weed should be removed from the surface of the water and edges of the pond and if suspended algae develop then the pond water should be treated appropriately.

The Aquatics Warehouse offers a seasonal pond cleaning and maintenance service to ensure the smooth running of an outdoor pond, please contact us for details.

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Pond plants and water lilies, aquatic plants specialist
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The Aquatic Warehouse, Hertfordshire

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