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Dental and Oral Hygiene Specialist shop selling everything you need to look after your teeth and gums. De Witte Tandenwinkel, in Amsterdam's charming 9 Straatjes district, has everything you require for top quality oral hygiene. This specialist store stocks a great range of innovative products such as the Waterpik's Dental range - powerful water jets specially designed to clean those awkward and difficult to reach places.

de witte tandenwinkel - dental care specialist store, 9 Straatjes, Amsterdam

Waterpik Dental Products: The Waterpik has powerful water jets are especially designed to clean the awkward and difficult places to reach in your oral hygiene regime. Waterpik is very good to use to clean below the gum line to alleviate 'pockets' and especially good for cleaning around bridges and crowns. Also useful for cleaning braces.

You can use Waterpik with water only or under the recommendations of your dentist Waterpik can also be used with mouthwash or specially prescribed anti-bacterial solutions.

de Witte Tandenwinkel has the full range of Waterpik models including Waterpik Dental Water Jets; Waterpik Automatic Flossers;Waterpik Synchrosonic Power Toothbrushes; Waterpik oral irrigators.

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Waterpik, dental flossing system, Waterpik dental water jets, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, NL
The Waterpik dental flossing system

de witte tandenwinkel

De Witte Tandenwinkel

Runstraat 5
Amsterdam 1016 GJ

De Witte Tandenwinkel - Dental Care Specialist Amsterdam
Specialist dental care store, Amsterdam

This tiny store manages to pack in an incredible amount of stock for everything to do with dental care. They have ranges of toothbrushes that have been sourced from around the world.

The whole place is full of every kind of toothbrush and toothpaste and electrical toothbrushes and oral irrigators and just about anything else you need for your dental care. There's also a brilliant selection of novelty toothbrushes for just about every cute brand name including Hello Kitty, Bob the Builder and an extensive range of film and Walt Disney character toothbrushes.

The range of electrical toothbrushes and waterpiks is also very impressive. Forget going to the supermarket this is true speciality. If you need something in particular, they can order it for you.

The staff are very friendly and will offer advise if you need it, but you can also browse - they welcome visitors!

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Dental hygiene, specialist in Amsterdam, NL
Dental hygiene specialist
Childrens novelty toothbrushes, Amsterdam, NL
Novelty toothbrushes for children
Amsterdam dental care, toothpaste stockists, NL
Extensive range of toothpaste

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